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Recovering From Sewer Damage

9/25/2019 (Permalink)

A plumber using a sewer snake to clean blockage in a sewer line. A plumber doing sewer cleanup in an Elliot, WA home

The sewer line is the biggest water line in your home in Elliot, WA. While not immediately visible, it constantly works to ensure that used water is properly cycled out of your home after everyday functions such as using the toilet, showering, doing dishes or washing your clothing. Often, very little attention is given to the sewer line unless things go awry, and you need to remedy the situation with a sewer cleanup or complete overhaul.

How To See Signs of Damage

When your system is not in working order, there are both subtle and more obvious signs that will clue you in that you likely have a sewer backup or damage to your piping. The following are just a few symptoms that indicate a bigger problem that may need a professional assessment:

  • A gurgling or flooded toilet
  • An infestation of pests or rodents
  • Uneven grass color and soil firmness, or pools of septic waste accumulating in your yard
  • Sewer backup or slow drains
  • Mold growing on the walls or ceilings due to compromised sewer lines running behind walls
  • Issues with multiple water sources and not just an isolated drain
  • Sewer odor radiating from in or around your home

How to Prevent Further Damage

Damage to your septic system can be a huge inconvenience, so acting quickly is wise. A specialist in Elliot, WA, can help determine if the damage is from cracks in the pipes, poor alignment or even tree roots that have grown into the tubing. Once the problem has been diagnosed, and sewer cleanup has been completed, a more permanent solution can be made such as unclogging pipes, replacing broken parts or upgrading to a new arrangement altogether.

Once your system has been repaired or replaced, it’s important to take the steps necessary to prevent another problem from happening again soon. Only flushing septic-friendly materials down the toilet and avoiding disposing of items such as sanitary products or grease can help you to avoid a costly sewer cleanup. It can also help to flush your drains regularly and call a professional as soon as you notice an issue since postponing it can make the problem worse.

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