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Commercial Testimonials

We had a great experience with SERVPRO.  I was impressed with the level of service and could not have asked for a better restoration company. 

I moved in to my small apartment about 5 months ago and because I had a puppy who dragged food everywhere and peed wherever he liked until he was trained, my carpet looked pretty awful. Every other place I called did not want to come or asked for some ridiculous fee because of the fact that my apartment is small and half of it is hardwood. SERVPRO was really nice about that and super professional. They came in and were gone in less than an hour. My carpet looks amazing and I'm really happy. Super friendly and hard working.

A death put me in the position of executor of an estate. The house I needed work on would require extensive cleaning inside, including extensive biologic cleaning.

I called 4 contractors, all claiming expertise in this type of a cleaning job. SERVPRO of Renton was one of the contractors, and Jill, one of their project managers came to do the estimate. Contrary to all the other estimators, she was very professional and with clarity but not with excessive drama she informed me of the type of jobs they do, and how they would do this one.

Despite being the most expensive estimate, I chose SERVPRO, and have not regretted it for a moment. Jill and her crew did an exceptional job, including returning multiple times for follow-up work, some suggested by me and some by themselves,  and delivering a truck load of items directly to my house, carefully boxed. Every person I worked with, managers, staff, accounting, were professional and friendly. The owners of this location have clearly done a great job choosing their staff.

My highest recommendation.

We had a fire in one of our apartments on the second floor, so there was not only fire and water damage in the apartment, but water damage in the apartment below. This happened late in the evening and I called SERVPRO locally and they gave me the number for SERVPRO of Renton who specializes in commercial buildings. Their technicians came out that evening and set up their equipment and started the process of removing as much water as possible in both apartments. The end result was that the first floor apartment was able to be restored like it was, and no more water damage spread anywhere else in the building. The crew was professional and I have highly recommended SERVPRO of Renton since then. Their office support is friendly and outstanding, as well.

I work at a Real Estate Management company in Seattle - so I deal with vendors of all kinds ever day. SERVPRO of Renton is awesome. Debbie the Office Manager is amazing. When you are dealing with homeowners, renters, insurance companies, and vendors, things can get complicated. But after many interactions with Debbie and with the team at SERVPRO of Renton I am truly impressed. We have used them mostly for restoration needs due to water damage (when you manage apartments and condos this happens far too often...) and they are quick to arrive, very knowledgeable, and competitively priced. We will continue to use them where I work because they are the best in this area.

Had a fantastic experience with Kat. She is very knowledgeable, persistent, and friendly. This has been my second meeting with her and I am looking forward to working with her in the future, lifetime (Debbie), and SERVPRO.