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How to Care for Electronics Damaged by Water

6/1/2022 (Permalink)

Hire a water remediation company to restore your electronics safely and quickly.

What to Do If Your Electronics Have Been Damaged by Water

Burst pipes or storms can cause flooding and water damage, potentially affecting not only flooring and furniture but electronic devices, as well. Flooded electronics must be cleaned and repaired differently from other water-damaged items due to the dangers of electric shock. Here are some steps to take if your electronics are damaged by water.

1. Put Safety First

Electronics plugged into outlets pose an electric shock hazard. Therefore, ensure electricity to your home is shut off before attempting to handle them. Never touch electronics while standing in water or while your body or clothes are wet. You should also remove batteries from devices before attempting to clean them.

2. Dry Your Devices

Despite popular rumors, rice is not an effective technique for removing water from electronics. Instead, use a dry cloth to wipe down the exteriors of your electronics. You can also gently rotate each device or take it apart to drain the interior components. Stop handling a device immediately if it begins melting, bubbling, sparking or smoking.

3. Store Flooded Electronics 

If possible, determine which electronics can be restored and which ones need to be replaced. You may still want to keep unsalvageable devices to be recycled or sold. Then, store the items in a safe, dry place. It's not recommended that you attempt to repair electronic damage yourself due to the following reasons:

  • Electric shock hazard
  • Corrosion in circuitry
  • Broken wiring

Even if a device appears fine after water exposure, it may eventually develop corrosion and stop working. A professional inspection of your electronics is merited to prevent further hassle down the road.

4. Hire Professional Help

Contact a professional restoration company to help restore your electronics. Water remediation experts are trained to safely remove water from your belongings, including electronics, using specialized methods and equipment.

 Hire a water remediation company to restore your electronics safely and quickly.

3 Tips To Prepare Your Business For a Disaster

4/1/2022 (Permalink)

Knowing your business’s risks and vulnerabilities is key to creating a disaster preparedness plan.

3 Disaster Preparedness Tips For Your Business

A natural disaster can strike with little or no warning, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. Catastrophic events can be particularly devastating for business owners. While no one can completely prevent disasters from occurring, having a solid disaster preparedness plan in place for your business can go a long way to keep your employees safe, reduce your repair and remediation costs, and minimize your overall loss. Try these tips to establish a disaster plan for your business.

1. Understand Your Risks

Most businesses are at a greater risk for some types of disasters than others. The weather patterns in Renton,WA, are a key factor in assessing your disaster risk and understanding whether your business is more or less likely to experience a weather disaster such as a tornado, hurricane, earthquake, or blizzard.

In addition to weather, be aware of the risk factors that are unique to your business property. A restaurant, for example, might have a greater fire risk than an attorney’s office. Some businesses have a primary interest in safeguarding data while protecting inventory is a major concern for others. Knowing your business’s risks and vulnerabilities is key to creating a disaster preparedness plan.

2. Plan and Practice

Create a business preparedness plan that includes:

  • How and when to evacuate, including the route and meeting place
  • Procedures for backing up, shutting down, or transporting files and equipment
  • Role assignments, such as evacuation leader or first aid provider (make sure each assigned person is comfortable with his or her duties)

You may need multiple plans for different types of disasters.

3. Keep Emergency Contacts Handy

Compile a list of contact information for anyone you might need to contact immediately after a disaster, such as emergency responders, insurance agents, property managers, and contractors. Include phone numbers, email addresses, your policy numbers, and any other important information. Keep a copy in the business, a copy in your phone, and a copy in your vehicle.

Creating a disaster preparedness plan takes some effort, but the rewards will be well worth the effort if a disaster hits your property.

Important Facts About Mold Growth

3/7/2022 (Permalink)

Don't let your business turn into this! Take action as soon as mold appears and call SERVPRO!

Mold Growth Facts You Should Know

Could your business in Kennydale, WA, be vulnerable to mold growth? Should owners take precautions to protect the property from undesirable fungus? If so, what can be done, and how should proprietors go about it? The reality is that all property is exposed to mold, and, while you cannot keep spores out, owners do have the ability to try and ward off the growth. The following five facts help prevent fungus growth.

1. They React to Moisture

Spores are in nature everywhere. They are already on the premises, invisible to the eye, They become troublesome when they react with wetness such as floods, high humidity, or dampness. For this reason, owners should be vigilant about plumbing problems such as leaks or overflows, contacting a water remediation company to assist in the cleanup process.

2. They Multiply Quickly

Once water and spores combine, mold growth is swift. Reproduction starts within one to two days, causing an infestation in a short amount of time. As long as the fluid is available, the microbes continue to spread without a problem. Moisture removal demands immediate attention.

3. They Penetrate Porous Objects

The eye cannot detect fungal spores, and they are tiny enough to absorb into porous objects. Materials such as drywall, ceiling tile and carpeting soak them up, providing a welcome home with plenty of moisture to feast on. Be cautious around these substances, removing them from the area as soon as possible.

4. They Move Easily

The spores transport on shoes and in the air. Don't walk around the zone, and avoid running the air conditioner until you're sure it's not contaminated.

5. They Decompose Substances

When your building is affected by water damage, the spores begin to feast, eating away at the organic matter. Long-term exposure could cause harm to the building's structure.

Mold growth happens under the right conditions. Owners should understand that they cannot stop spores, but by monitoring dampness, they can prevent the development and spread.

Common Questions About Mold

3/3/2022 (Permalink)

Remember that you don't want to have mold in your business. A musty smell is a good reason to hire a mold remediation team. Call us!

Mold-Related Questions

In many cases, people will see mold before they smell it. However, sometimes, the mycotoxin that mold releases as it grows is a good indication that there is mold in your building in Cedar Grove, WA. Either way, you need to know how to identify it and get rid of mold smells.

Does Mold Smell?

Mold has a noticeable odor. Most people consider it musty or earthy. Others say it resembles sweaty socks. If you've ever opened a food container with some fuzz growing on it, you have experienced this smell. Depending on how long the mold has been growing, the mycotoxin released during its growth can range from mild to extremely disgusting.

How Do I Banish Mold Odors?

Mold odors are just one problem associated with mold. Sometimes, getting rid of them can be as simple as scrubbing the walls or throwing away items that have gotten wet. Other times, you will be required to hire professionals to help reduce your business's number of spores. While you wait for the team to arrive, you may want to open some windows and push the scent out with some fans. A smell can be a good indicator that there is mold in your building. This scent often resembled dampness and dirt.

Remember that you don't want to have mold in your business. A musty smell is a good reason to hire a mold remediation team. They can remove excess spores. This will remove the scent and help you keep your business running.

How To Stay Safe When a Thunderstorm Threatens Your Business

2/2/2022 (Permalink)

High winds during a rain storm have the power to shatter glass and severely injure anyone in the building.

When A Thunderstorm Threatens Your Business, Here's How To Stay Safe

When a rain storm threatens your business, it’s important to protect not only your building, but also any employees and customers who are trapped inside. Knowledge of proper storm procedures can mean the difference between a safe outcome or possible injury or death. By keeping a few guidelines in mind when inclement weather hits, you can ensure your business in Renton, WA emerges safely.

1. Keep track of weather reports.

During peak thunderstorm season, you should familiarize yourself with your local emergency weather warning system and sign up for automatic text or email storm alerts. Monitor the weather using an online radar tracker every day, so you’ll have a head start if a system is approaching. A few hours of advance notice should give you adequate time to prepare your business and evacuate the building if necessary.

2. Avoid standing near windows.

High winds during a rain storm have the power to shatter glass and severely injure anyone in the building. If a storm hits while employees or customers are inside your business, direct them to an underground basement or gather everyone in the center of the building away from windows. Keep any trees or shrubbery surrounding your business trimmed to prevent strong winds from blowing them into the glass.

3. Stay inside until danger passes.

Just because it’s stopped raining and storm clouds have passed over doesn’t mean it’s safe to go outside. Flash flooding, fallen debris, and downed power lines can pose potential hazards in the aftermath of a storm. Keep staff and customers inside the building until local news and weather reports confirm it’s safe to venture out. If your building floods from heavy rainfall, try to keep everyone away from waterlogged areas and contact a certified water damage restoration company immediately to assess the damage.

A heavy rain storm moving toward your business can be frightening, but remember to stay calm and follow proper safety procedures before and after the storm. Protecting your employees and customers should always be your first priority in an emergency.

How to Properly Use an Extinguisher

10/27/2021 (Permalink)

A fire extinguisher is excellent safety equipment to have in your building.

How to Use an Extinguisher Correctly

Do you have a kitchen in your commercial building? Employees in Kennydale, WA, may appreciate the convenience of having a small kitchenette at work, but this space could also increase the risk of a fire. If you do have a kitchen, your commercial fire damage mitigation team will tell you that having a fire extinguisher in the room is a must.

Not only is having the safety equipment important, but you need to make sure your tenants know how to use it. Below are the steps needed to properly use an extinguisher.

• Assess the flames. This safety tool is meant to stop a fire before it gets too big. If the flames are taller than you, you should evacuate rather than use the extinguisher.

• Consider the extinguisher. A fire extinguisher should have a gauge on it. If the needle is not in the green, the tank may not have the pressure needed to put the fire out. It may be a good idea to evacuate rather than try to use a faulty tool.

• Pull the pin. A small pin is used to keep the nozzle in an off position when the extinguisher is not in use. Before you can spray the foam inside and stop a kitchen fire, you need to pull out this pin.

• Aim the nozzle. For the best effect, you want the spray to hit the fire at its base. Point the nozzle in the right direction.

• Squeeze the trigger. You have to manually activate the extinguisher for the foam to come out. Try to keep your aim even when squeezing.

• Use a sweeping motion. You don't have to keep the nozzle completely stationary. You should actually sweep it from side to side at the base of the flames.

A fire extinguisher is a great safety tool you can put in your building. You should definitely have an extinguisher in areas prone to fires, such as kitchens.

3 Reasons Why Bleaching Mold Helps the Fungus and Not Your Business

7/22/2021 (Permalink)

Take action as soon as mold appears.

Bleaching Is Not Good For Mold Cleanup

When you discover mold at your Newcastle, WA, property, you may seek out bleach to treat it. Bleaching has been touted as a potent biocide for fungus cleanup, but it is actually not effective or recommended. Here are three reasons why bleaching is not the most effective method of mold cleanup.

1. A Wet Environment Means More Mold

Mold is a quickly reproducing organism when it gets an opportunity. It reproduces by spreading spores that search for suitably moist and warm environments. While the mold may seem gone after a surface scrubbing of a chlorine product, it can return days later if the damp environment mold loves is still untreated.

Organizations such as the EPA have advised to avoid using biocides without professional judgment because of the risk of potentially worsening the fungus growth. The EPA advises that moisture control is the only completely effective way to kill mold.

Small levels of spores will always remain despite disinfection. The best way to stop them from recolonizing is to prevent them from having a suitable place to grow. Lingering water that mold needs to live can be removed from your business by a professional water and mold cleanup crew.

2. More Water Is Added With Its Use

The most available bleach products are 99% water. By using it for mold cleanup, you are only creating a better environment for fungus growth with additional moisture. While the surface mold may seemingly go away, the material instead becomes perfect for any lingering spores to resettle later.

3. It Is Not Thorough

For comprehensive cleanup, bleach does not cut it. Porous materials such as wood are where the roots of the fungus, known as hyphae, settle. By only cleaning the surface of these materials, the roots continue to spread the spores but more effectively with the help of water that seeps down.

When choosing the best route of cleanup for mold, bleaching should not be something considered. Fungus cleanup at your business can only be accomplished by sterilizing and creating an environment free of problems that allowed the mold to grow in the first place.

Understanding the Terms of Business Interruption Insurance

7/14/2021 (Permalink)

Commercial bathroom flooded in Renton, WA

When a broken pipe leads to flooding, your Renton, WA, organization could be out of business for days or months, depending on the extent of the damage. Without the appropriate protection, this could lead to huge financial losses. Fortunately, commercial property insurance and business interruption endorsements are available to help offset those losses.

Understand Important Insurance Terms

For the best results, make sure you understand some of the terms your insurance agent may use. The better you understand how your coverage works, the better prepared you'll be to work with insurance agents, cleaning and restoration technicians, and other professionals.

Actual Loss: This refers to the business interruption losses you experience as a direct result of physical property damage.
Business Income: This is the net income you would have earned if you had continued operating normally. This typically also includes expenses you would have incurred, including payroll.
Period of Restoration: This is the time frame covered by insurance, beginning at the moment when large water damage occurs and ending when your property should be restored.

Of course, you should always read the insurance policy declaration page that provides all the details of your coverage, including the time period, the insurer's responsibilities, and perhaps your duties, as well.

Protect the Extent of Your Coverage

In many cases, one of your responsibilities when flooding interrupts your business is to immediately inform the insurance company. You're also responsible to prevent further damages from happening. It's very important that you understand what your policy covers and does not cover. In many cases, trying to clean up water damage on your own could negatively impact your compensation from the insurance company. On the other hand, many insurers work directly with water damage remediation companies.

Large-scale flooding and other disasters can lead to heavy financial losses. The more you know about business interruption insurance, the better prepared you'll be to minimize those losses and recover from the catastrophe.

4 Things To Know About Smoke Damage

4/30/2021 (Permalink)

Smoke damage can also be a concern.

Smoke Damage

The heat and flames from a fire can cause serious damage to your property, but smoke damage can also be a concern. These are four things you should know about it.

1. It Can Cause Structural Damage
Smoke isn't just a problem because of the soot damage, stains and odors. When not removed promptly, smoke can have an acid-like effect on the materials of your structure, causing rot and corrosion. For this reason, you may want to have a professional smoke restoration company in Cedar Grove,  WA, inspect your property and provide smoke cleaning services.

2. Smoke Can Cause Severe Damage Even When the Fire Isn't in Your Building
Smoke from wildfires or a fire in a building near yours can sometimes cause as much damage as a fire that actually occurs on your property. Fortunately, smoke damage caused by a fire that isn't on your property is covered by most property insurance policies.

3. Smoke Can Cause Hidden Damage
Because smoke particles are so small, they can often settle into cracks and crevices, leading to lingering smoke odors even when there are no visible signs of smoke. Additionally, when surfaces are heated in hot weather or when subjected to heat from industrial processes, the pores may open up releasing smoke smells from this hidden damage.

4. Speed Matters
Response time plays a big role in mitigating the amount of damage done to your property. Porous items and items made from synthetic fibers, such as upholstered office furniture may be ruined by smoke in just a few minutes. Walls, floors, wood furniture and other less porous materials need to be cleaned in 24-48 hours.
Quick action is essential to prevent smoke damage from destroying your property. The more you know about the effects smoke has on your property, the better equipped you will be to deal with it before it can cause extensive damage.

3 Things To Know About Removing Mold From Air Conditioning Ducts

3/24/2021 (Permalink)

Mold spread out of the ductwork.

Facts To Be Aware Of When Removing Mold From Air Ducts

Many business owners are surprised to learn that black mold can grow inside the ductwork of air conditioning systems. If moisture gets inside the ducts, mold can form and spread throughout your building. Alternatively, there could be mold in another area of the building, such as a bathroom. The bathroom mold could release spores that get into the ventilation system. Regardless of the initial cause of the mold problem, you want to get it cleaned as quickly as possible since mold can pose a hazard to your building's structure. Here are three facts you should be aware of when removing mold from air conditioning ductwork:

1. Cleaning May Require Disassembling Your System
If you notice mold near the entrance of your air ducts, it could indicate that mold has spread throughout the ventilation system. The best way to know for sure is to hire a professional mold inspector. If the mold has spread throughout the ductwork, the AC system may need to be taken apart and cleaned in sections. Specialized heavy-duty cleaning agents are often required to get the job done correctly.

2. Mold Can Spread Past the Ductwork
There is a layer of insulation that normally surrounds air ducts. When black mold gets into a ventilation system, it can sometimes spread into the surrounding insulation material. Pull back a small section to check for black specks that could indicate a mold problem.

3. Mold Can Reappear
Mold is spread by spores. If these spores are not thoroughly removed, they may reattach themselves to a moist surface. It is important that you not only clean ducts but also find and repair the original source of the moisture. Once the moisture problem has been fixed, any remaining mold spores will not have a place to colonize.
Finding black mold inside of your business in Newcastle, WA, can be stressful. Luckily, you can work with a professional mold remediation service to locate the problem, clean the mold, and restore any damaged areas.

3 Signs of Black Mold in Your HVAC System

2/2/2021 (Permalink)

It is likely mold colonies are developing inside of your HVAC

3 Signs of Black Mold in Your HVAC System

Mold spores are living microscopic particles that attach themselves to hosts and develop into colonies. There is no commercial facility in Cedar Grove, WA, that can be cleared of mold spores. However, there are ways to prevent mold growth such as:

  • Keeping humidity levels at or below 40-60%
  • Cleaning frequently
  • Addressing water damage immediately

Your HVAC can be a major contributor to the circulation of mold. Here are three signs of black mold in your HVAC system.

1. Mold on the Evaporator Coils
Black mold colonies manifest as dark green, black, or gray-colored slime. If you notice this type of fungus developing on the evaporator coils and the drip pan, it is likely mold spores are being circulated. Mold can originate in the condenser unit and travel through the air ducts.

2. Mold on the Air Vents
Fungus that is circulated through the HVAC system will manifest as black and green spots on the air vents throughout the facility. These spots are difficult to scrub off and can corrode the air vent. If you find mold spots on the vents, it is likely mold colonies are developing inside of your HVAC.

3. Musty Sell When You Turn On the HVAC System
A musty smell that becomes stronger when you turn on the HVAC system is a clear indicator that there is mold growing inside of the ducts. The air ducts provide fungus the humid and dark conditions necessary for it to thrive while the accumulated dust provides a source of nutrients. The colonies will then release more mold spores into the air and contribute to a mold problem.
If you believe you have black mold inside of your HVAC system, contact a professional HVAC cleaning service to aid in clearing it. Clean ducts are essential to keeping your building mold-free. A problem that has persisted and spread throughout the building should be addressed with mold remediation services.

What Should I Do After a Commercial Fire?

1/3/2021 (Permalink)

Ensure that employees follow established evacuation procedures

It is important to make a plan following a fire, from fire cleanup to property recovery. You have invested plenty of time, money, and other resources into your East Renton Highlands, WA, business, so it can be heartbreaking to see it compromised. However, you need to act fast to keep workers and customers safe and salvage anything important. Learn about some of the most important procedures to take during this time.

Ensure Everyone's Safety

The well-being of everyone present is the priority. Ensure that employees follow established evacuation procedures and that they guide any customers through them. Check the staff to ensure no one has been left behind. As part of your fire plan, you should also include a list of resources that employees might need, such as the American Red Cross, mutual aid groups, and crisis-counseling specialists. You should also take the time to rest and recover.

Request Damage Repair
After confirming everyone's safety and successfully filing an insurance claim, it is time to handle the fire cleanup. You will need to contact an emergency restoration company that provides services such as:

  • Damage repair and removal
  • Destroyed material disposal
  • Board and tarp services
  • Disinfection

These procedures not only repair immediate fire damage, but they also protect the property while it is vulnerable. For instance, remediation experts usually install a tarp before roof repair to prevent the elements from entering and affecting the building.

Recover Valuables
Your business houses plenty of important documents and other items that you might try to retrieve after the fire. Generally, you should avoid entering the building until the fire department has inspected it and declared it safe. Some of the damaged documents you should replace immediately are insurance policies, tax records and business auto records. Contact the local federal reserve bank or the Treasury to replace damaged cash money.
A fire that affects your business is a devastating event, but it is vital to plan for the aftermath. Get ready for the necessary procedures, from safety checks to the fire cleanup.

Causes of Accidental Sprinkler Discharge and How To Handle the Situation

12/29/2020 (Permalink)

Accidental discharge usually results from a sprinkler malfunction or temperature change

Fire sprinklers are incredibly valuable tools for commercial buildings. Sprinklers can quickly douse ablaze before it engulfs the entire property.
Still, there is a small risk of the sprinklers malfunctioning. If the sprinklers discharge water accidentally, your Cedar Grove, WA, building could sustain major flooding.

Causes of Accidental Sprinkler Discharge

Accidental discharge usually results from a sprinkler malfunction or temperature change. Here are some common reasons sprinklers turn on when they should not.

1. Extreme Heat
Sprinklers are triggered by the excess heat that accompanies fire. However, the sprinklers may also turn on if they are exposed to heat from other sources, including construction lights, television cameras or skylights.

2. Corrosion
Over time, parts of the sprinkler head can corrode and weaken. This could cause the water to discharge when it should not.

3. Mechanical Problems
The sprinkler head features several different components, each of which works together to keep the equipment functioning properly. However, a small or large impact on the sprinkler can damage one or more of these parts, causing the sprinkler to activate.

The Proper Response to Accidental Sprinkler Discharge
If you discover a sprinkler flooding your property, you should first shut off the water. Next, contact your insurer and local emergency restoration company. The remediation experts should work with your insurance provider to clean up the premises.
While you wait for the pros to arrive, be sure to collect the various sprinkler components on the floor. These parts will help the investigators determine what went wrong. You should also tell the investigators about the history of the sprinklers and whether they were exposed to extreme heat.
Accidental fire sprinkler discharge is thankfully a rare occurrence. Still, it can result in flooding to your building. In fact, sprinklers can cause water damage even when they are doing their jobs and dousing a fire. Whether or not the sprinkler discharge was accidental, restoration experts can remove the excess water and dry your commercial equipment.

How To Maintain Your Commercial Fire Sprinklers

11/3/2020 (Permalink)

Every commercial property should be equipped with a fire sprinkler system

Fire Sprinkler Maintenance

Every commercial property should be equipped with a fire sprinkler system to protect the building and its contents in the event of a fire. Even though sprinklers are rarely used, they must be maintained to ensure they work when needed. The standard designed for inspecting and maintaining fire protection systems, called NFPA 25, recommends several sprinkler maintenance practices.

1. Remove Objects Right Below Sprinklers
Never place objects near or directly below fire sprinklers. This will allow the sprinklers to disperse water more evenly.

2. Create an In-house Maintenance Inspection
Set up an internal maintenance system to check the sprinklers at periodic intervals. The timing of the inspections can vary, depending on the type of business you own. For companies with heavy manufacturing, the system should be inspected more frequently than those with only an office environment. Considerations in the sprinkler maintenance plan include the following items.

Inspect the non-electronic control valves. These control valves must remain open to allow for proper water distribution in a fire. Your maintenance staff should ensure that the valves are open, preferably once a week. Electronic control valves should be tested during an annual system inspection.
Check sprinkler heads for dirt and damage. At a minimum of once per quarter, look for grease, dirt and other debris in the sprinkler heads. Sprinklers particularly prone to dirt and grease are those located in the kitchen or production area.

3. Conduct a Full Inspection of the Sprinkler System
An experienced plumber should check the water pressure once per quarter. The entire sprinkler system should also be inspected annually by a professional fire service. An expert is trained to look for corrosion and pipe problems deep within the system. They can also spot and correct poorly calibrated systems to reduce the risk of accidental activation. Contact a water damage repair service right away if you experience sprinkler activation.
Keep your building's sprinklers in Renton, WA, working well by implementing a comprehensive sprinkler maintenance program.

What does your commercial insurance cover?

10/19/2020 (Permalink)

Do you know the details of your commercial insurance policy?

Business interruption insurance can offset lost revenue following a fire, storm, or another covered peril.

Whether the damage calls for repairs or a rebuild, interruption coverage compensates the owners of a closed business for lost income and ongoing expenses.

How Are Coverage Levels Determined?

A business owner can specify any amount of interruption coverage. A business insurance provider will want to know the:

  • Average daily income
  • Ongoing operational costs
  • Risk level
  • Whether a business can operate out of a temporary location

The cost of a rider on a business insurance policy depends on all of these factors. Work with your insurance provider to obtain the level of interruption coverage you need.

Do These Policies Cover Damage?

Interruption coverage is typically an endorsement or rider on a business insurance policy. This additional coverage may not cover closure due to perils that are not covered by the primary policy, such as earthquakes or floods. This coverage also excludes partial closures that only affect a portion of a property and do not preclude continued operation.

Do These Policies Cover Operating Expenses?

Interruption insurance can cover most operating expenses, such as:

  • Ongoing utilities
  • Payroll
  • Rent or lease
  • Taxes
  • Temporary relocation costs

It may take between 48 to 72 hours for interruption coverage to kick in. This coverage will continue throughout a period of unavoidable closure or a rebuild until the limit is reached.

How Long Does This Coverage Last?

This coverage should be sufficient to offset losses for at least several business days. It may take longer than you think to reopen a closed business. An insurer can help you determine a suitable policy limit.

Maintain detailed documentation of operating costs and revenue for proof of loss in the event of a business interruption. Your business insurance policy should cover the cost of a rebuild and a commercial damage restoration company in Newcastle, WA.

Services You Should Expect From a Fire Restoration Company

9/30/2019 (Permalink)

Board up building in Kennydale, WA

Services You Should Expect From a Fire Restoration Company

If you've experienced a fire at your commercial building in Kennydale, WA, you may be wondering how fire damage restoration works. Taking the next steps in finding the right company is crucial to getting your business back up and running in a timely fashion. Choosing a one stop shop can end up saving your time and money, so when considering who to hire for the job, check which services they cover.

Smoke and Soot Cleanup

Smoke cleanup required specialized equipment to remove the odor from all surfaces and materials. The scent can reach and seep into areas other than where the fire actually occurred, so it is important to make sure all places are properly sanitized. Soot smears easily, so take special care when trying to wipe it up or wait until the professionals handle it for you.

Restoration Services

Depending on the size of the fire, you may need major repairs done. One of the first things the professional fire damage restoration company will do is board up the windows and tarp the roof to help avoid unauthorized personnel from entering the building. Once the structure is properly repaired, they will paint, install new carpet and perform other tasks necessary to get the building back to what it was before the fire.

Water Damage

If the commercial fire was put out with a sprinkler system or fire house, there will likely be some water damage. If left untreated, this can lead to mold growth. During the cleanup process, any standing water should be removed as well.
In order to be cost-efficient, look for a company in Kennydale, WA, that can handle all aspects of the fire damage restoration process. This can help prevent you from hiring multiple businesses who aren't in communication with each other. Always look for someone who is able to respond quickly as the longer you leave the damage, the more risky it can become.

Steps To Take When Pipes Burst

6/21/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial pipe burst in Kennydale,WA

What Should You Do When a Pipe Breaks?

Bursting pipes and the resulting damages and cleanup are the stuff of nightmares for commercial property owners. Even one small broken pipe can result in a lot of water damage within just a short amount of time. What should you do when a pipe breaks? Here are several steps you can take to reduce your losses.

  1. Turn off the electricity.
  2. Stop the flow of water.
  3. Locate the broken pipe.
  4. Contact a professional.
  5. Submit your insurance claim.
  6. Take preventative steps.

Turn Off Electricity and Water

When you realize that your property is flooding, turn off the electricity. With this first step complete, it's time to shut off the main water supply. The main stop tap may be located where the main service pipe connects to your buildings. It may also be necessary to clear out all the pipes by turning on taps and flushing toilets.

Make Repairs

The next step is to locate and fix broken pipe damage. This may take a long time, especially if the trouble originated with a tiny crack. In some cases, aging pipes may have led to long-term damage that was unseen until leakage became widespread. This is a common type of water damage  in Kennydale,WA properties experience as they get older.

Contact Restoration and Insurance Professionals

The cleanup that follows the damage of bursting pipes could take months to resolve. Professional water damage cleanup and restoration crews can shorten the amount of time necessary for full repairs and will take steps to prevent mold growth and secondary damages.
Your insurance provider may recommend a specific restoration company. Your agent may also advise you on the steps you must take to ensure compensation. Keep track of all communication, documentation, and proof of damages for the best results.

Prevent Trouble

Preventing bursting pipes is the best way to keep your Kennydale, WA, properties safe from damages. Work closely with your restoration company and insurance professionals to avoid future flooding. After all, preventative steps are cheaper and less time-consuming than damages and repairs.

Commercial Storm Damage Cleanup

4/18/2019 (Permalink)

If you have storm damage in Renton, WA, it is critical to make sure you get a professional company like SERVPRO of Renton on site immediately. Once on site, they will begin the emergency service process immediately.

In most cases the first step is to begin removing all of the standing water. Once all of the water is removed, SERVPRO of Renton can begin placing all of their drying equipment throughout the facility. Each day a member of their team will inspect and make sure that the drying process is taking place.

After a few days of monitoring, the structure should be dry, and SERVPRO of Renton will remove all of the equipment and begin the repairs if needed. SERVPRO of Renton is a great choice to help you from start to finish with any restoration project.

If you have any questions, contact SERVPRO of Renton at anytime day or night. We are always here to help.

Mold Remediation: Your Responsibilities as a Landlord

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Be sure to call SERVPRO the professionals when you find mold in your home.

Your multi-family units in Renton,WA, can be lucrative properties to own, but they also come with a lot of responsibilities. When tenants find mold growing in their apartments, you must arrange for mold cleanup. Here are some ways make sure the problem is handled properly every step of the way.

Communicate Expectations

Obviously you can't do something about a problem about which you are not informed. Make your expectations regarding mold contamination clear to your tenants in writing as soon as they move in. Here are some examples of reasonable things to ask of them:

  • Submit to regular mold inspections
  • Report any problems to the manager's office promptly
  • Keep records of occurrences to help track patterns and file accurate rental insurance claims

Most tenants will be happy to comply with these requests, as fast mold cleanup and proper record-keeping can protect them as well. It is good to make expectations clear from the start to facilitate good relationships and quick problem-solving.

Respond Quickly

As soon as you are aware that mold spores have latched onto a moisture problem and formed a growth, do not delay in calling professional mitigation services. Not only do you want to take care of the mold issue but also fix the problem that made the environment conducive to its growth in the first place.

Certified experts who are trained to handle both water and mold remediation are probably your best resources for efficient cleanup. They can assess, plan and execute the process from start to finish. They can also provide an itemized task and cost list that may be helpful when you file your insurance claim so that you can be compensated for any losses that occur.

You are responsible for handling any mold cleanup that is necessary in the commercial property that you own, even if someone else is renting it. By knowing what you need to do before a problem happens, you can respond more quickly when the time comes.

How To Choose an Air Purifier

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Of all the places you spend your time, your home in East Renton Highlands,WA, should be the place you can breathe the easiest. An effective air filtration system can help. The market is so saturated with purifiers that look promising, however, that it can be overwhelming to try to choose the one that’s best for you and your family. The following suggestions may be able to help you narrow down the options.

Qualities To Seek

The first thing you must decide is what you need. When experts test to see if an air purifier works well, they often look at four criteria:

  • Percentage of particles removed from air
  • Amount of air flow
  • Simplicity of use
  • Level of customer satisfaction

You may choose your air filtration device based on one or all of these standards. If you want a purifier that reduces the amount of potentially irritating particles in the air, for example, filter efficiency is probably going to be your most important requirement.

Reasons To Buy

If you want to reduce the number of airborne particles, such as mold spores or dust, in your home, mold remediation experts recommend a purifier with a HEPA filter. HEPA filters not only remove over 99% of particles from the air, they actually improve in performance over time. If your machine also has a carbon pre-filter, you can increase the life of your filter and improve your air quality even further. The most effective air purifiers on the market include the Oransi Max, the BlueAir 450E and the OV200 Air Purifier. While costs for these machines can range from a few hundred dollars to over $1000, it may be worth the price to know that your family is breathing cleaner air.

The best air filtration system is one that has an efficient filter, good air flow, ease of use and good customer reviews. Look for the purifier that improves the air quality of your home the best.

What Insurance Covers After a Fire Affects Your Business

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Smoke and fire damage in a Renton, WA building

What Insurance Covers After a Fire Affects Your Business

Smoke damage from a fire can affect your business in Renton,WA, in many ways, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed if you’re unsure what costs your insurance company will cover. Understanding what expenditures your insurance is likely to pay can help you eliminate stress throughout the cleanup process.

1. Property Damage

After a fire, many items in your business may be destroyed, and insurance should be able to compensate you for your losses. Even if some things in your building were left untouched by the fire itself, water from hoses or sprinklers can damage articles within them. Often, a cleanup and restoration company can assist you in taking inventory and provide you with an estimate of what items have been harmed and what can be repaired.

2. Smoke and Soot

In addition to causing destruction to articles within your building, a fire can leave behind smoke and soot damage. They can affect the structure of your property, and it’s often necessary to thoroughly clean and restore a business that has been rampaged by a fire. In some instances, major soot and smoke damage may require you to replace structures in your building. Luckily, fire insurance should cover the costs of smoke cleaning.

3. Business Interruption

If a business needs to temporarily close in order to make repairs, the costs of lost revenue can quickly add up over time. However, cleaning a building and making important renovations can be time-consuming, and complex repairs should not be rushed. Insurance companies will generally cover the costs of this interruption, allowing you to focus on restoring your establishment to its original state.

When a fire results in property damage, smoke damage and a temporary business shutdown, your insurance company will generally cover the cost of those expenses. If your enterprise requires renovation, it can be helpful to contact the experts in commercial fire damage restoration.

How To Care For Water-Damaged Contents

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Water damaged contents in East Renton Highlands, WA

Some water-damaged contents can be cleaned, while others should be disposed of and replaced. Restoration professionals can recommend the right content cleaning methods. However, you can learn more about caring for contents with water damage at a flooded company or commercial structure in East Renton Highlands,WA, by reviewing these important steps.

Assess the Condition

It is important to consider the condition of items to determine the best restoration methods. Owners or facility managers should keep in mind certain factors:

  • Category of water damage
  • Extent of the deterioration
  • Porosity of contents

Category One water damage involves clean, treated water from a broken pipe. Category Two gray water is polluted but does not contain solid waste. Category Three black water is highly contaminated. A flooded company with a classification of Category Two or Three is likely to require disinfection and the disposal of some porous contents and building materials.

Clean or Replace Contents

Several cleaning methods can be used to handle water damage. These methods may include the following:

  • Abrasion
  • Dry cleaning
  • Foam
  • Immersion
  • Spraying and wiping
  • Wet cleaning

Delicate items may benefit from being dry cleaned, treated with foam, or sprayed and wiped. Delicate non-porous items made of ceramic or glass can be safely immersed in cleaning solution. If a porous item is saturated with contaminated water, it may be advisable to throw it away and obtain a replacement.

Restore Contents

Contents should be cleaned and allowed to air dry. These items can be restored after water is removed and surfaces are cleaned and disinfected, if necessary. Do not attempt to repair building materials or restore contents until the affected area is completely dry. Restoration professionals can provide a helpful timeline for completion.

All of these methods can help a facility manager or the owner of a flooded company care for contents after water damage to a building in East Renton Highlands,WA. Consulting with mitigation and restoration specialists is recommended to make the best choices about cleaning or replacing contents.